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Welcome Trading Co. Pte. Ltd. | Singapore | China | Vietnam | Indonesia


Established in Singapore 1971




Of Earning Trust



Of Delivering Excellence



Of Putting Clients First

When we named our commodities company “Welcome Trading” in 1971, it was meant as a warm invitation to companies to meet a unique family business that was built to weather the storms of a volatile global economy.


And those storms certainly came: from the oil crisis in 1973 and the Asian financial crisis in 1997 to the Lehman Brothers’ crash in 2008 and the current pandemic.


Yet we’re still standing tall.

We’ve Always Been Sustained By Strong Family Values

Our close-knit family (a father and two sons) operates according to solid principles of ethics and of earning the trust of our clients. We know that our word is our most important asset, so we’re always candid and straightforward with our clients and always deliver what we promise.


As the world evolves, we’re quick to change along with it, such as embracing the vast capabilities of the Internet along with innovative digital technologies.

Welcome Trading Co. Pte. Ltd. | Singapore | China | Vietnam | Indonesia
Welcome Trading Co. Pte. Ltd. | Singapore | China | Vietnam | Indonesia

What We Do and Where We Operate

Welcome Trading focuses on non-ferrous metals and natural rubber products.


We serve companies in China, India, the Indian Subcontinent, and Southeast Asia, with particular emphasis on China and Vietnam. We entered those markets in the 1970s and 1980s, giving us a deep understanding of doing business there today.


In the earliest days of our company, we traded everything under the sun including coffee, pepper, sugar, paper, edible oil, chemicals, fertilizer, metals, steel, and rubber.


And we explored such Pacific markets as Fiji, Mauritius, and Papua New Guinea trading a wide range of products there, from footwear, shoe components, and equipment to stationery, garment, and foodstuff.


The experience we gained honed our skills in trading and helped us build strong client relationships, many of which we still enjoy today.

How We Conduct Business

The Internet and mobile-communications technology have posed unprecedented challenges to the middle man.


In response, we’ve gone from snail-mail to email, from operator-assisted calls to WhatsApp and WeChat.


At the same time, we maintain a tradition of giving each message thoughtful consideration before sending it out to our valued partners. Nothing is simply dashed off, so you can be assured that we mean everything that we put in writing. 

We believe that today there are more opportunities than ever before and that how a company communicates is one factor that sets it apart.

Welcome Trading Co. Pte. Ltd. | Singapore | China | Vietnam | Indonesia
Welcome Trading Co. Pte. Ltd. | Singapore | China | Vietnam | Indonesia
Expanding Our Horizons

To be successful in business for 50 years is extraordinary, but it will be an even greater challenge to continue this winning streak for the next 50 years. Yet we are determined and equipped to do exactly that.

Building on our solid base in Asia, we are well-positioned to venture boldly into new markets, including the vast American and Europe markets.

We are currently engaged with a variety of business-to-business eCommerce companies as we develop strategies for extending Welcome Trading into new business areas and geographic regions, including the aforementioned Europe and the Americas.

Internally, we are evaluating and adopting emerging technologies that will enhance our services on behalf of our clients. In fact, everything we do begins and ends with our clients!

Over the past 50 years, we built a very solid foundation on which to grow our company. As we embark on our next half-century, we look forward to forging many new partnerships and associations all across this fast-growing, rapidly changing world!


As a family business, we want to pave the way for our future generations to embrace client service as we do and thereby prosper themselves.


Indeed, we regard it as our duty to maintain our institutional knowledge by transferring it to those who will come after us. That’s why we believe Welcome Trading will continue to be in very good hands!

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