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Welcome Trading Co. Pte. Ltd. | Singapore | China | Vietnam | Indonesia

Welcome Trading Products

Proud to source natural rubber from all the Asian-producing countries, we offer:

Malaysia SMR


Indonesian SIR



SVR10/20/SVR3L/ Mixture


MSR 20/Mixture/RSS3

In 33.33/35/111.11kg palleted or loose in containers for different buyers.

We also offer customized specifications – compound/mixture and other grades working with selected rubber packers in various markets.


Our sales markets are:


China, India, and Malaysia where we deal with major end-users (tyre makers) as well as traders and compounders.

Base Metals

While we have traded across the range of LME metals, our main traded metals are aluminum and zinc as described below:

  • Aluminum ingots/billets

  • Aluminum Scrap

  • SHG Zinc slabs

  • PW Zinc slabs

  • Die Cast Zinc ingots

  • Lead Refined and Secondary

We buy both ex LME (warrants) as well as from producers. Welcome Trading is especially active in Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia as well as the Indian sub-continent where we developed an in-depth knowledge of the markets with the help of our network.

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