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Welcome Trading Co | Jack Lim | Managing Partner & Founder

Jack Lim

Managing Director and Founder

Jack began his business career even before Welcome Trading was created 50 years ago.


Born in Malaysia as a second-generation overseas Chinese, Jack showed his passion for trading at a very young age, selling a wide range of goods to place as far-flung as Fiji and the Solomon Islands.

In the 1970’s he first entered Chinese markets, then gained a foothold in Vietnam in 1985. Today. Jack oversees all our operations, leveraging his vast experience in trading networks developed over the last half-century. He has also served as a distinguished board member of the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

Jack Lim

Managing Director


Mobile: (+65)96376666

WeChat: JackLimKC

Welcome Trading Co | CL Lim | Executive Director | Metals Biz

CL Lim

Executive Director (Metals Biz)

A graduate of the University of Hawaii, CL began his career in 1991 and soon found himself traveling regularly to Vietnam. The following year he established the first representative office of Welcome Trading in that country.


Also during the 1990s and under CL’s guidance, Welcome dealt with state-owned import and export enterprises on a wide range of products, By the end of the decade, the company began to specialize in the metals business as private enterprises rose in prominence and markets developed.


With in-depth experience in handling steel as well as base metals, CL is focused today on incorporating related products such as scrap and identifying areas where Welcome can add value to the supply chain of today.

CL Lim

Executive Director (Metals Biz)


Mobile: (+65)96893942

WhatsApp: (+65)96893942

WeChat: clim064

Welcome Trading Co | CW Lim | Executive Director | NR Biz
CW Lim
Executive Director (NR Biz)

A graduate of the local university in Singapore, CW concentrated on the natural-rubber business since the start of his career and now handles all the natural-rubber trading for Welcome. Thanks to CW’s dedicated efforts Welcome now sources from Vietnam, Myanmar, and Cambodia as well as our traditional supply base of Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

CW Lim,

Executive Director (NR Biz)


Mobile: (+65)98453508

WeChat: limchwa75

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